Get In A Kitchen Plumber, Long Beach So You’re Kitchen-Ready For The New Homemade Food Act

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

COVID-19 regulations and lockdowns has seen more cooking in the kitchen, with restaurants closed or

offering limited seating, and now there is more reason to get in the kitchen. Long Beach has the opportunity to enact California’s new Homemade Food Act and now home cooks can sell homemade meals and contribute to the economy.

Cook Because You Love It, Cook Because It Brings In Money

Aspired cooks can now take advantage of this policy and cook more, not only because they enjoy being in the kitchen, but because selling homemade meals can offer an income for those financially struggling from COVID-19 times.

With home-based food businesses popping up, as well as increased general cooking for the family, kitchens are taking the strain. Not only are current sinks and kitchen drains feeling the brunt of a busy kitchen, but homeowners are also now assessing if their signal kitchen sink is sufficient or if their existing garbage disposal is enough?

Is It Time To Call In The Kitchen Plumbers?

So, how is your kitchen coping? Is increased dishwashing causing your kitchen drains to clog? Is your garbage disposal taking strain? Do you have enough kitchen sink space? Need new piping in your kitchen? If not, it’s time to call in the professional kitchen plumbers!

Is It Time For A Kitchen Remodel?

Now that homeowners are spending more time in their kitchen with COVID-19 lockdowns, they’re getting to understand their kitchen again and realising if it’s still to their taste and style. This has seen a spike in kitchen remodels and with that, it’s time to call in the professional plumbers. And fortunately, homeowners have more time on their hands with Long Beach COVID-19 regulations, so being at home more means they can oversee the remodelling of their kitchens and check that all their plumbing reworks are completed properly.

Let’s Get Cooking, Contact Us So Your Kitchen Is Not Left Drained

Contact Pipe Masters to get your kitchen ready for more cooking! Our professional, skilled plumbers can help fix any problems your over-burdened kitchen may be facing as well help you with new plumbing for your remodelled kitchen.

The Pipe Masters team has extensive experience with kitchen projects. From repairs, to remodels and new additions - we have you covered! Our services cover residential and commercial projects, even the lightest installation work. Pipe Masters has a dedicated team of professionals who are skilled in remodel, replacement and new-addition kitchen projects. Our licensed plumbers are experienced in completing kitchen projects from start to finish. Pipe Masters can repair and install plumbing fixtures, sinks, garbage disposals, and more. Our professionals are committed to each project exceeding your expectations. We can work with your designers to create the ideal kitchen space for your home. From concept to implementation, we have a fully licensed and insured team of contractors to see the remodel through to your satisfied completion.

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