Gas Leaks: How To Identify And Repair Gas Lines

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Gas is a versatile yet extremely volatile substance, with most houses feature gas-powered appliances and heating solutions. Because of the potential dangers surrounding improper or unsafe gas usage, you should keep a close eye on your gas lines and devices by checking up on them every so often.

If you suspect you have a gas leak or would like to know what to do should you encounter one, we’ve got some essential tips to follow before calling for help to repair gas lines.

Orange County customers can rest assured that they and their homes are safe by following the steps listed in this article.

How To Identify A Gas Leak

The most obvious indication that there’s a gas leak is the unmistakable smell of gas in the air. If the scent isn’t severe or overwhelming and you’ve detected it early, you can try to trace the source of the leak by inspecting the gas line and paying extra attention to areas where gas pipes are joined or connected. These tend to be the most common sources of the problem.

For safety reasons, turn off your main gas supply and don’t use any appliances that are gas-powered until you’ve had a specialist look at the situation.

How To Deal With A Gas Leak

The moment you detect a gas smell, turn off the main gas supply at the shut-off valves to prevent the leak from worsening. If the scent is too strong, evacuate your house and leave it to the professionals to take action.

Do not light any cigarettes or make use of anything that emits a flame or spark. Once you’ve turned off the gas supply, call a plumber to come to deal with the situation in a safe manner. Professionals will be equipped with the correct tools to assess and fix the problem.

Gas Line Repair: What You Need To Know

While mostly known as the go-to guys for water emergencies, plumbers can also obtain training and licensing to deal with gas installations, upgrades and repairs. Due to the dangers involved, you should never attempt to fix a gas leak or issue yourself.

Call a reliable plumber with a proven track record and necessary qualifications, for absolute peace of mind. For instance, Pipe Masters Inc are fully certified and have extensive experience to fix plumbing and repair gas lines. We’re locally based in Orange County.

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